Bad Credit Auto Loans

Poor credit scores and bad credit ratings are more common than you may believe. A bad credit history is not something to be ashamed of as it could happen to anyone at any time in their life.


Even if you have a bad credit rating, you can still apply for a bad credit auto loan. A “bad credit” auto loan is a method to aid in rebuilding your credit history.


Lenders like to see that you have had your current job for at least one year–proving “ability” and “stability” might help them overlook your bad credit history, boosting your chances of being approved for your bad credit car loan. Again, proving stability, try to remain at your current address for at least a year–this could keep your bad credit rating at bay, and assist in the approval of your bad credit auto loan.


Having a substantial security deposit is beneficial when purchasing your new vehicle with a bad credit auto loan. Your deposit will depend on the make and model of vehicle you want to buy–it can range from hundreds, to thousands, of dollars.


Belonging to a Cooperative Credit Union is advantageous if you are trying to fund a vehicle.


Cooperative Credit Union requirements for financing are usually more relaxed and flexible compared to other financial institutions. The longer you have been a member of a Cooperative Credit Union, the better the response is for your bad credit car loan, despite a bad credit rating.


Getting a “payday loan” with a financial institution is an additional choice. You must have had a previous payday loan with them, and, having had previous dealings with them, they might be willing to gamble with you on your “bad credit” car loan. Having settled a previous financial obligation, they might consider your bad credit auto loan application, despite you having a bad credit history with various other banks and financial institutes.


You could consider a co-signer (or guarantor) for your loan. Your co-signer should have a good credit rating, and satisfy all the requirements of the financial institution, credit union or finance business.


Bad credit history will certainly influence your bad credit loan application, however, you can still explore various other possibilities. The key to financing is to work with an astute financial expert who will overlook your current bad credit history and support your attempts to restore your credit rating with a bad credit auto loan. This would take an expert in the area of finance, just like the specialists here at CarCredit!


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